Local Internet Marketing

Question: Have tried ad words (Google) yahoo sponsored search
Washington /Baltimore area
I’m a tax consulting firm

Answer: Hello Leonard,

While I can appreciate wanting to work with someone locally I’d be more concerned about finding someone that will get you results that’s a good fit with your business needs.

Most of my clients are from the east coast or other parts of California and things work out fine. We communicate via phone, email, skype, etc. So in my personal experience, remote work….works.

That being said, if you’re dead set on finding someone local to help you with your Internet Marketing needs, you can post an ad on your local Craigslist or check the computer/internet services section of your local newspaper and city event magazines.

Also you can simply go to google or yahoo and search for

“your city + internet marketing” or
“your city + SEO”
“your city + SEM”
etc etc…

Hope this helps.

- Sean

PS: Did you not get the results you wanted from Google Adwords? If you’re looking to capture that market, definitely search out “SEM” or “PPC” professionals to get you on track. There is a load of money to be made but if not done well, a load of money to be wasted.